Bikecafe is all about community and love for bicycles.
This is the place to meet other cyclists, drink beer, hear a short lecture,
and also buy whatever you need for your bike.

You can find us also on Facebook or on Instagram

On line Shop

Yes we have an online shop as well :)
visit our store at Store.bikecafe.co.il we deliver all over the world, or you can come and pick up your order.

where are we ?

We are in the big sity TEL AVIV, Harakevet 18 st.
you can look it up on Google map
we open Sun-Thur 9:00-20:00 and Fri 9:00 till 15:00.

Contat us

You can call us on open hours to +972-3-7525258
you can drop us an email to store@bikecafe.co.il
or visit our Facebook page and message us!


BikeCafe is part of Groopy.co.il
the biggest bicycle community in Israel, with more then 50K riders all over Israel

Lectures and training

Check out our our events page on Facebook,
We hold the lectures on the second floor of the store and technicel training at the back yard.


We welcome all diffrent colors of riders
Road , MTB, Urban , BikePakers, Supermarket riders
Messangers, Kids,and in good days also eBikers.

The place to hangout, drink beer & talk bikes


your bike will feel like home


Don't worry, be happy


events and parties


Bla Bla Bla ...


We wish it was ours

this is part of our bike lovers team, who agreed to take a picture...

Happy clients
Flat tires
Cups of coffee
Bear bottles

these are some of the things we are best on

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Single speeds \ Fixie & city bikes 99%

The largest selection of helmets in Israel91%

MTB & Road Accessories 85%

electric bike 11%

Sence of humor 90%

Recent news and announcements about our company.

Feel free to drop us a couple of lines. 24/7 support guaranteed.

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